The RapidoScan also offers an integrated web server over its Ethernet interfaces. Special attention was placed here on access security. The RapidoScan operates with secure communication using the HTTPS protocol and supports user management and session management. The web server offers a means for parametrisation and visualisation and also allows encrypted storage and loading of configurations.
If EtherCAT is employed over the Ethernet interface, access to the web server is only possible by tunnelling via the EtherCAT master. To still ensure easy access to the web server, the RapidoScan also features a WLAN interface.
The web server can be accessed and used for visualisation over WiFi.  The WiFi is separate from the wired EtherCAT interface, meaning that there is a physical separation from the control network. Only read access is possible while a connection to the control is active.
Remote access can be implemented, if necessary, with the WiFi interface that is decoupled from the control network. This opens up the option of remote diagnosis while still ensuring high data security.


Your benefits

  • Option of remote maintenance
  • Shorter response times for support
  • Integrated visualisation