The entire technical concept of the light curtain is designed for maximum speeds without compromises. All processes are highly optimised, from detection of the received signal to analysis and output of the measured data. The evaluation concept for the switching output was also designed for an extremely short reaction time. This allows the RapidoScan to make every measurement available at the output. Even in the extreme case of only a single active beam!
The RapidoScan has two switching outputs that operate independently from the field bus interfaces, meaning a delay-free response even in the case of slower bus cycles. This feature provides enormous benefits for trigger applications, especially when only a few beams are active. This allows the light curtain to replace individual light barriers in many cases when their response speeds are insufficient. The situation becomes especially interesting from a cost perspective if multiple individual light barriers are to be replaced or if the trigger beams are located at different positions depending on the object.

Your benefits

  • The switching outputs react directly to an event with minimal delay
  • Trigger applications with minimal jitter are possible