In almost all cases, displays and operating elements built into a device are no longer accessible after installation. Alphanumeric displays with their typically small characters are often hard to read. Furthermore, a simple menu structure for easy parametrisation is practically impossible to create using such reduced operating elements.
The RapidoScan was intentionally designed without a built-in operating terminal and display. Instead a modern WiFi interface is provided for configuration, with access via PC, tablet or smartphone. No special PC software is needed. Only a standard web browser is required on the device. This also eliminates the question of whether you have the correct software version installed.
Running the visualisation does not affect the exchange of process data over the field bus interface. No decoupling of the process data is required for the visualisation. Two independent, separate data paths are used.

Your benefits

  • Integrated visualisation instrument
  • No installation of PC software required – visualisation software is always up to date
  • Visualisation is possible on all operating platforms