The RapidoScan, as a precision light grid, offers in its new version the possibility of direct connection of a rotary encoder. It internally links the measurement data from the scanning operation directly with the position data of the encoder.

For operation at constant conveyor belt speed, the time stamp is sufficient in most cases. Real-world operation, however, exhibits many forms of discontinuity, and that’s where the encoder is an excellent solution. For example, the extremely fast RapidoScan can also measure the lengths of a log very accurately. In the case of non-constant conveyor operation, such as during start-up, braking or generally in the case of non-continuous running, the measurement results are thus synchronized with the conveyor position data.

The encoder input is designed for 24V signals. It can also correctly transfer the direction of rotation into the counter reading via the two channels A and B, which are 90° out of phase with each other. The internal encoder evaluation allows the use of signals with 200,000 pulses per second and more.
If, in addition to the encoder, the internal time stamp is also integrated into the process data output, then conveyor belt speeds can also be recorded in addition to the position data.
The RapidoScan helps to save costs with the direct connection option for a rotary encoder: Cost-optimized measuring systems do not require an additional input card for encoder signals.

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