The RapidoScan light curtain is not only extremely fast at registering objects, it is also capable of delivering the data to the control system.
Due to the design as a high-resolution light curtain, some configurations make it necessary to pass very large quantities of process data to the control. The high measurement rate further increases the quantity of data to the point where there is value in utilising new industrial real-time field bus systems.
The RapidoScan has an EtherCAT field bus interface that can transmit all process data from every measurement to a control. There is no need to restrict the transmission to a subset of the process data, even at up to 800 beams. This means that all measurement data is internally consistent.
The EtherCAT interface of the light curtain is equipped with two Ethernet ports (in port and out port). The integrated EtherCAT switch also supports the looping through of the field bus cabling. In other words, no external EtherCAT switch is required, and the cabling work is reduced.


Your benefits

  • Direct output at the highest possible data rate and low delay
  • No external gateways required, meaning no extra costs, no programming, no wiring, no delaying of the measurement data
  • Integrated Ethernet switch supports simple wiring